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Pageflex Storefront

Product Overview
Pageflex’s flagship product, Pageflex Storefront, allows you to easily set up branded web portals for creating, customizing, and distributing all types of documents. Whether it’s viewed as a web-to-print solution or as a collateral management system, Pageflex Storefront:
  • Gives users brand control
  • Saves time and money
  • Supports business growth opportunities
  • Increases profits by applying self-service and automation efficiencies
Enjoy Ease of Use – Plus Customizability
As a turnkey solution, Pageflex Storefront is unique in that it’s designed to be customizable, allowing you to give the web site the look and feel you want, and to meet your users’ workflow needs.

You can extend the power of Pageflex Storefront by integrating it seamlessly with other systems within your organization or your customers’ organization, for example:
  • CRM system
  • Digital asset management system
  • Fulfillment system
  • Production workflow system
And Pageflex Storefront includes a comprehensive e-commerce workflow that you can fine-tune for your particular needs.

Many customers consider Pageflex Storefront’s open API to be the best in the industry since it allows them to combine the ease of use of a turn-key product with the ability to accomplish specific workflow and customer needs.
Sophisticated Document Handling
When it comes to its document customization capabilities, Pageflex Storefront draws on Pageflex’s rich history of award-winning document automation software. Documents on a site can be designed using the patented Pageflex NuDoc composition engine, or the industry-standard Adobe InDesign Server, or can be a mixture of both. 

Pageflex Storefront lets you provide exactly the right mix of creativity and control over the document customization process. You can easily lock down required branding elements while allowing other areas of a document to be modified by a user. The result is piece of mind. Corporate materials are guaranteed to go out with approved content, approved logos, and even with a manager’s or other department’s approval of the customization.
Implementation Options
You have multiple options for how to begin to benefit by using Pageflex Storefront:
  • License Pageflex Storefront and install it on your server
  • Let Pageflex handle the IT responsibilities by using Pageflex SaaS
  • Extend a Heidelberg Prinect workflow with Web-to-Print Manager (powered by Pageflex Storefront)