The Ultimate Guide to Distributed Marketing

A distributed marketing platform is more than just software—it’s a critical member of any enterprise organization’s corporate marketing team. With objectives like driving more market share, increasing revenue, and providing a more seamless customer experience, corporate marketers need a way to ensure their brand is always presented to the world in the most professional, compliant, and trustworthy way.

That being said, how can corporate marketing teams gain control over their brand when there are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of end users sending out branded marketing communications from their local channels every day? And moreover, how do they grow their brands at a local level by using personalized, tailored communications to speak to their specific audiences? Distributed marketing empowers corporate marketing teams need to provide their local end users—such as sales reps, field marketers, affiliates, partners, brokers, or franchisees—with the freedom to customize the content messaging of their marketing campaigns, all while maintaining brand compliance and their hard-earned brand reputation.

Any organization that “thinks global, acts local” needs a distributed marketing strategy. Distributed marketing helps organizations save time and money at both corporate and local levels, ensuring that all branded material distributed on a local level is professional, consistent, and compliant.

So the question is: is distributed marketing right for your organization? This guide outlines the benefits of distributed marketing, who it works for, and how brands can maintain and elevate their reputation with a distributed marketing platform that perfectly suits their business needs.

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What Is Distributed Marketing?

So, what is distributed marketing, anyway?

Distributed marketing is the process of providing end users with centralized, templated marketing materials, empowering them to create co-branded campaigns that are customized for their local audience. By providing your end users with professional marketing materials that have been reviewed and approved by the corporate marketing team, you can ensure your brand is consistent and recognizable—even if you manage hundreds or thousands of channels. Distributed marketing also uses automation to deliver these campaigns to prospects and customers, saving time and money for both corporate marketing teams and their local channels.

By providing your end users with professional marketing materials that have been reviewed and approved by the corporate marketing team, you can ensure your brand is consistent and recognizable—even if you possess hundreds, even thousands of channels.

A distributed marketing platform is a system which promotes coordination between corporate marketing decision-makers and local affiliates. An effective distributed marketing platform allows corporate marketing teams to control brand consistency, all while providing end users with a way to develop and deliver customized marketing campaigns across traditional and digital channels.

An effective distributed marketing platform should integrate seamlessly with your marketing strategy, working for your organization as a driver of market share and revenue at a local level. Corporate marketing teams can use a distributed marketing platform to ensure all existing collateral is in line with brand objectives and regulations, and end users can access approved materials anytime within an organized, easy-to-use, centralized software system. By empowering end users to speak to their local audiences in a relatable way, corporate marketing is enabling an even better customer experience.


Who Should Take Advantage of Distributed Marketing?

Enterprises with at least 50 local end users benefit the most from distributed marketing. With many distributors and end users sending out branded marketing communications to their local customers, it’s nearly impossible for corporate marketing teams to have full visibility into the campaigns coming from each individual channel. Distributed marketing eliminates the panic and need to micromanage distribution channels, empowering local end users to play a role in maintaining corporate branding and building their brand’s reputation.

Man and woman discuss data on tablet

Distributed marketing eliminates the panic and need to micromanage distribution channels, empowering local end users to play a role in maintaining corporate branding and building their brand’s reputation.

How Does Distributed Marketing Drive Market Share, Revenue, and an Even Better Reputation for Enterprise Organizations?

Empower Local End Users to Deliver More Effective Marketing Campaigns

With an increasing amount of marketing messages reaching consumers on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that people are craving a more human approach. Data from Infosys shows that 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions, and while corporate marketing teams have a deep understanding of their brand—no one has a better understanding of an organization’s customers and their needs than the people who work with them face-to-face every day.

With a distributed marketing platform, corporate marketing teams can provide their local distributors with the ability to tailor marketing materials in a way that resonates with their specific customers. By personalizing marketing messages with employee headshots, store hours, and other local content, brands show their customers they care about their needs. While empowering this level of localization, brands also maintain their own corporate messaging and imagery with corporate-created and approved collateral. This level of consistency promotes a more seamless customer experience across all channels, helping to drive customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

Save Time and Resources On a Local Level, Allowing End Users to Spend More Time on Revenue Generation

On top of personalization, distributed marketing platforms allow for an automated creative process where end users can apply localized assets to templated collateral that’s already been approved by their corporate marketing team. Local end users are empowered to create effective marketing campaigns when they have branded marketing materials at their fingertips, increasing employee ownership, coordination—and in turn—morale.

When local end users aren’t scrambling to create their own collateral to suit brand guidelines, they’re more likely to focus on sales and outreach—including finding more effective ways to collaborate with corporate brand initiatives. This can deliver gains throughout the entire company.

Track and Manage Localized Marketing Campaigns, Resulting in More Visibility and Accountability

Effective distributed marketing platforms track and manage branded marketing collateral, multi-channel marketing campaigns (including email, print, web, and social campaigns), and compliant product information. This visibility ensures brand compliance and consistency, and also gives corporate marketing teams insight into local marketing campaigns through analytics. By identifying successes and issues on a local level, marketing teams can strategize to continuously improve their marketing activities. Corporate marketing teams can identify which templates work best for each location, which messaging is most effective for each audience, and the types of localized assets customers react to best.


It Allows Enterprises to Think Global, Act Local, Driving Better Brand Reputation and Brand Compliance

The “think global, act local” mantra generates challenges for marketing executives across their organizational processes, agency relationships, and technical infrastructure. These challenges are often the result of distributed, market-by-market budgets which can hinder the adoption of centralized governance and structures, weakening global campaign authority.

In addition to these challenges—particularly in highly-regulated environments—marketing content often needs to be carefully controlled and managed. Forward-thinking brand owners are moving to distributed marketing to balance the distributor’s local, multi-channel messaging with global storytelling and brand consistency.

Forward-thinking brand owners are moving to distributed marketing to balance the distributor’s local, multi-channel messaging with global storytelling and brand consistency.

In today’s marketing landscape, brands are expected to engage with consumers on a local level to meet their needs. Local end users are in constant communication with their customers and deeply understand their service area, so by empowering them with an effective distributed marketing platform, they can help drive brand authenticity and reputation by speaking to their audiences in a contextual way.

Distributed Marketing Delivers What Marketing Automation Lacks

Distributed marketing provides solutions that regular marketing automation overlooks, including message coordination and consistency. Lack of alignment between corporate marketing and branding strategies lead to challenges like delays in approval, customer dissatisfaction, and higher production costs, all of which are a result of redundant time and effort spent on developing (and ultimately reproducing) resources. Automating the creative process when it comes to marketing collateral keeps costs down while retaining global brand equity at the local level.

At the core of an effective distributed marketing platform is a powerful variable data composition (VDP) engine, and Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform is a parent VDP composition engine relied on by many household global brands. The magic of this flexible VDP engine is a rules-based responsive design and content environment that not only creates and manages digital content, but produces production-ready, printable files and large format signage. Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform simplifies the process of creating personalized, customized, and localized marketing materials and promotional items like signage, labeling, and digital and print campaigns by allowing the channel to access corporate-approved collateral that can be personalized to fit the local market’s needs.

Start Driving Results at a Local Level with a Powerful Distributed Marketing Solution

For enterprises to maximize their local marketing efforts, marketers must adapt to—and embrace—new technologies and methods. With a solution like Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform, both corporate marketers and end users have the means to produce brand compliant content that’s customizable for specific markets, dramatically improving key metrics like revenue growth, local market engagement, cost savings, and employee satisfaction.

With unrivaled capabilities, Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform makes the most of a brand’s distributed marketing investment. In the process of driving corporate brand reputation and compliance, Pageflex helps local distributors grow their businesses while removing the cost of redundant technology and design modification expense, saving brands considerably on overhead.

What makes Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Solution the best option for your enterprise?

  • We partner with you to develop a solution that’s tailored to your business needs. Pageflex isn’t a plug and play platform; it’s a solution that’s customized to fit your marketing and sales processes like a glove.
  • We support you through the implementation and adoption process. From the beginning, we’re here for you. 
  • We streamline your tech-stack. With vast third-party integrations, Pageflex fits into your existing workflow to give you better access to data and a more holistic view of your analytics.
  • We simplify your production, order, and distribution processes. By streamlining the way your corporate marketing teams approve collateral and your local distributors receive it and put it to use, we help you save time and money.