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Marketing-Technology-Trends-Cover.jpgFor today's enterprise marketer, keeping up with a constantly-shifting, increasingly complex marketing technology landscape is essential; yet, the signal-to-noise ratio as new trends and technologies emerge makes it more challenging than ever to separate flash-in-the-pan fads from developments with lasting impact.

While it’s tempting to simply cover the hottest emerging trends, we know that’s not what will help you create marketing strategies that deliver results now and years from now. That’s why we’ve done the research to uncover the marketing technology trends with true lasting power. Get your copy of our whitepaper, Marketing Technology Trends That Are Here to Stay, and learn:

  • How analytics aren’t going anywhere—and what to do to ensure you’re not among the 40% of marketers that still struggle to measure ROI (according to HubSpot)
  • Why personalization is non-negotiable given 75% of consumers claim they’re more likely to buy from retailers that use personalization (Evergage) and 55% of customers admit they’ll disengage with irrelevant content (Rapt)
  • How to tailor-fit your martech stack to your workflow in order to optimize your resources, help you save money, boost efficiency, and maintain more streamlined marketing processes
  • Why you should expect more from your tech stack—and what to look for to future-proof your martech investments

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