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Grow Your Brand with a Better Distributed Marketing Platform

According to InfoSys, 86% of consumers report that personalized marketing plays a major role in their purchasing decisions. Enterprise marketers must find ways to deliver custom content at a local level while upholding their hard-earned brand. Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform makes it easy to do both—giving corporate marketers control and visibility while helping your teams in the field create highly-customized marketing campaigns. The result? Higher engagement, a better experience for customers, and more market share and revenue for your enterprise.

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Channel Marketing

If your enterprise has at least 50 distributed end users—such as sales reps, field marketers, affiliates, partners, or franchisees—distributed marketing is critical to driving brand activation at a local level. Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform empowers your field teams to customize, create, and circulate marketing campaigns that drive results, all while upholding your brand’s integrity. Meanwhile, you can manage, track, and assess every piece of marketing material that’s communicated to your customers, ensuring full visibility into your brand’s presence.

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Discover How Distributed Marketing Can Help

Your business is unique and should be treated as such—which is why we take the time to develop a solution that’s perfectly tailored to your needs. Pageflex partners with you to ensure your distributed marketing platform seamlessly integrates with your current marketing workflow so that it fits you like a glove.

Vast integration capabilities ensure that Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform effortlessly evolves your existing marketing workflow instead of disrupting it. With third party integrations, implementation has never been easier—you may even be able to get rid of some of the clunky, single-service applications you’ve been using to build your marketing campaigns!

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Products for Marketing Service Providers: Enable Better Sales Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

Since the beginning, Pageflex has been supporting marketing and print service providers with the widest breadth of web-to-print solutions in the graphic arts industry. By building customized solutions that include flexible modules and an automated production process, we can help drive better sales engagement and customer satisfaction for your business.

Want to increase customer satisfaction with a tailored Marketing and Print Service Provider process? Pageflex can help.

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