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Pageflex Campaign Manager

Marketers know that personalized communications increase response rates, and that taking advantage of channels, including print, e-mail and personalized URLs (pURLS) guarantees even better results.

Highly-Targeted Communications

Highly Targeted Communications

Your multi-channel campaign can incorporate highly targeted messaging, including data driven personalized print and e-mail with dynamic microsites or pURLs. You can pre-schedule your communications to automate the entire process.

Like all Pageflex products, you have the flexibility to create campaigns the way you need them to be. Elements from a print campaign can be repurposed within your e-mail and your microsites, saving you time and effort.

Flexible Distributed Marketing

You can build and distribute campaigns directly from Pageflex Campaign Manager, or you can offer campaigns as a product to be customized and ordered from Pageflex Storefront. Within Storefront, your users can customize campaign elements, select or upload a database, and schedule the launch of their campaign – making it an ideal solution for a geographically distributed organization.

Get Real Time Results


The most important component of any marketing campaign is the results. What worked and what didn’t? With Pageflex Campaign Manager you can create a branded online site to track the campaign and see response metrics in real-time.

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