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Variable Data Composition

Making documents flexible is what we do, and in fact is where our name came from- Pageflex. From simple personalization to highly-complex dynamic composition, our solutions are loaded with features that make you more efficient and allow you to communicate one-to-one with your audience.


Variable Data Composition

Personalized Email Campaigns

Marketing Automation

Customization – Easy and Efficient


We offer the most-respected variable data print (VDP) and document composition software of any vendor, and you can take advantage of the extensive feature set whatever your skills. Our document customization products are designed to be used by both graphic designers and programmers, so we offer a designer-friendly interface and set of tools, as well as support for scripting. We even offer document-level APIs.


Smart VDP Templates

Our products range from Persona for desktop-based VDP to Pageflex Server for hosting your own solution. All of our solutions support an almost limitless range of variation. Everything from a piece of text to the size of the page, or the number of pages in a document can be modified dynamically. You create “smart” document templates, define what may be customized, and specify appropriate text, images, and styling.

With our patented “flex” technology, designers can create just one template with text boxes and image boxes that dynamically adjust in size and position relative to each other, and in response to content, such as text and images, that they contain. Our customers find that they can drastically reduce the number of versioned templates they need to manage once they adopt a Pageflex customization workflow.

Features & Benefits

  • Document customization options from the desktop to the server
  • Protect branding while leveraging the power of personalization
  • Design-friendly with advanced features for the power user
  • Patented feature for dynamic content adjustment
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