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Pageflex Storefront

With Pageflex Storefront, you can easily set-up self-service marketing portals for the customization and distribution of a wide array of marketing materials. Marketing staff, remote employees, sales people, franchisees, and others can access, customize and order branded marketing materials the moment they need them.

Powerful Customization – With Control

Storefront Layout

You can populate your secure marketing portal with print materials, email campaigns, advertisements, fulfillment items, and virtually any other product or document. With Storefront’s template based content management, you can blend the precise mix of creativity and control that are required. Critical branding elements can be locked down, while other elements can be modified by online users within overall design guidelines.

The customizable workflow allows you to manage and control the ordering process so that product access, payment and approvals are aligned with virtually any business requirement. Materials are guaranteed to be delivered with approved content and approvals. The result is peace of mind for you and your users!

A Portal Designed for Your Users

As a turnkey solution, Pageflex Storefront is unique in that it’s designed to be flexible. The portal interface is available in 11 global languages and with full e-commerce support for country-specific payment and taxation systems. Localization for other regions is possible as well.


Highly-regarded published APIs let you extend the system’s functionality beyond the extensive out-of-the box options available to create your portal’s interface and workflow. You can integrate Storefront seamlessly with other systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM), digital asset management (DAM), data acquisition, or your corporate intranet site.

Styled Version of Storefront

Implementation Options

Pageflex Storefront’s enterprise architecture can support even the largest corporations. You can choose among multiple modules, customization options, and licensing models to ensure that you have the ideal system for your company. You may license the system and install it on your own server, have it hosted, or let Pageflex handle the IT responsibilities with our SaaS option.
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