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Finally, a Distributed Marketing Platform That Fits You Like a Glove

No one knows your brand better than your corporate marketing team. At the same time, no one knows your local customers better than the people who work with them face-to-face every day.

Still, most enterprises are struggling to grow their brands at a local level without disrupting it.

Our Distributed Marketing Platform helps you leverage the strengths of your corporate marketing team—and team members with feet on the ground—to achieve your brand’s marketing objectives and provide your customers with a stand-out experience. What’s more, it fits seamlessly with the way you already work, enabling you to drive more market share and revenue opportunities at a local level without skipping a beat.

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Is a Distributed Marketing Platform Right for You?

Distributed Marketing Platform

If your enterprise has at least 50 distributed end users—such as sales reps, field marketers, affiliates, partners, or franchisees—it is essential that you choose a platform that centralizes all of your marketing collateral and empowers them to execute multi-channel campaigns. A centralized platform improves efficiency, ensures brand compliance, and improves data collection—data that can be used to optimize your distribution channels and future marketing initiatives.

Perhaps you’ve outgrown a platform that no longer supports your marketing strategy, or you’ve added more end users and you need a net new platform. Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform covers all of your bases to help you power better marketing now and in the future.

Stay Organized With Digital Asset Management

Let us help you streamline your digital asset management. Pageflex will enable you to more easily manage all versions of your marketing materials, file sizes, and file types. With Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform, not only can you organize your assets, you can easily:

  • Track versions
  • Make global template changes
  • Distribute assets to your field teams in a searchable library

It’s a win-win—alleviate your corporate marketing team’s headaches while empowering your remote teams and channel partners with access to the most up-to-date marketing assets.

Asset Management

Simplify Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Multi-Channel Marketing

Executing high impact multi-channel marketing campaigns just got simpler. Our Distributed Marketing Platform makes it easy for users to login to order, customize, and personalize marketing materials for delivery across print and digital channels. That means:

  • Print ads
  • Flyers
  • Direct mail
  • Landing pages
  • Email
  • Social
  • name it—all customized, co-branded, localized, and delivered.

In addition to helping you bring awesome multi-channel marketing campaigns to life, our platform can often replace your single channel applications to help you save costs.

Personalize Your Communications for Greater Impact

Personalized communication is the key to an exceptional customer experience. In fact, 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform helps you add a personal touch to your campaigns by leveraging customer data to deliver real-time, interactive, on-demand marketing materials tailored to each customer and sales channel.

It’s now easier than ever to:

  • Design your marketing templates
  • Personalize any aspect of a communication including, text, images, fonts, language, currency, page size, and delivery channel
  • Compose dynamic marketing materials with speed and scale
  • Generate triggered response via email or print in real time
  • And more!

Your marketers will be empowered and your customers and prospects engaged with the power of Pageflex personalization.

Local Marketing Automation

Make Brand Compliance and Approvals a Breeze

Marketing Resource Management

You’ve invested in building a stellar brand. Give your corporate marketing team what they need to uphold it—and your field team what they need to grow it—with a platform that makes brand compliance a breeze.

Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform has a marketing resource management solution built in to provide you with powerful role-based access to marketing assets and workflows. Help your corporate marketing team enforce both brand and regulatory compliance and enable easier budgeting and tracking by:

  • Controlling access to, and customization of, marketing assets
  • Simplifying remote teams’ marketing processes
  • Collaborating seamlessly with agencies and remote sales and marketing teams
  • Tracking marketing assets’ use and effectiveness
  • Archiving marketing content for compliance audits
  • Easily searching marketing content for global or regional updates

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Evaluate and Optimize Your Campaigns with Analytics

Data-driven decisions are at the heart of modern marketing. Our Distributed Marketing Platform provides the analytics you need to draw insight into what’s working so you can evaluate and optimize your marketing campaigns. With our reporting capabilities you can:

  • Gather insights from the content your field teams prefer, including which assets and campaigns are used
  • Measure which content is most effective, enabling you to refine campaign templates
Personalized Communications

Expect More From Your Distributed Marketing Platform

Distributed Marketing Platform

Choosing a Distributed Marketing Platform is more than a software decision—it’s an opportunity to drive more market share and revenue opportunities at a local level while helping your corporate marketing team focus on big picture strategies and tactics. We think you should expect more from your Distributed Marketing Platform. Pageflex gives you:

  • A user-friendly interface that will be readily adopted by both your corporate marketing team and end users bringing local campaigns to life
  • The ability to integrate with the applications you already use through third-party integrations
  • A software partner who will carefully arrange how the solution fits your requirements and will develop a tailored solution to ensure seamless implementation and easy adoption

Unlike other software providers who typically offer minimal training and then go, we partner with you to offer a consultative approach, considering your current workflows and systems to customize your solution so it fits you like a glove. This can include custom modules, bolt-ons, and integrations—whatever is crucial to your success is our utmost priority. Since our platform is designed to play well with others, we can adapt it to the way you already work, making the implementation process a breeze and guaranteeing your end users readily adopt the platform.

Adopting the platform will be effortless for your organization because both your corporate marketing team and end users will love bringing awesome marketing campaigns to life with the user-friendly interface. Not to mention, our second-to-none variable data printing (VDP) composition engine ensures your vision is always produced with laser precision.

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