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By Pageflex Marketing • December 8, 2017

All-in-One vs. Single Platform for Managing Multi-location Marketing


As a corporate marketer, you know the value of deeply understanding your customers. By analyzing and reacting to their behaviors, you can more effectively reach them in ways that resonate.

As a corporate marketer for a multi-location enterprise, you know that understanding and analyzing your customers at a local level is not an easy feat. With hundreds of distributors spread across the region, country, or even the globe, it can be challenging to keep a pulse on every location that promotes your brand.

Fortunately, we live in an era where there’s no shortage of marketing technology to help us facilitate multi-location marketing. Graphic design software helps us create branded collateral and campaigns to share with our customers. Marketing automation makes sending those campaigns more efficient. Analytics platforms allow us to monitor those campaigns and strategize based on results.

Tech-savvy corporate marketers want all of the technology they can get their hands on to power their strategies—but are a bunch of single purpose platforms really more effective than an all-in-one solution?

Perhaps you’re already comfortable with your current tech stack, but there’s something to be said for streamlining your technology. An all-in-one distributed marketing platform can smooth out your multi-location marketing processes, making things a whole lot easier to manage. If you’re looking for marketing technology to help improve your efforts on a local level, an all-in-one solution is your best bet.

It Enables Better Brand Compliance Across Locations

With so many locations and so little time, it can be challenging to ensure every single branded campaign that reaches your customers is in line with your corporate guidelines. Brand compliance is important for not only meeting corporate and industry regulations, but also for establishing a professional and memorable brand image.

Marketing automation platforms enable local distributors to create their own campaigns and mass deliver them to their customer base—but with an all-in-one distributed marketing platform, they can do that and more. With an all-in-one distributed marketing platform, local end users save time by making use of corporate-created (and approved) branded templates that are completely in line with what other locations are using. An all-in-one platform also tracks every branded campaign that’s delivered from your individual distributors, giving corporate marketers full visibility into how their brand is represented on a local level.

It Implements Multi-Location Marketing Campaigns from Start to Finish

Open your graphic design program and create a template. Export that template to send it for approval. Once it’s approved, send it to each of your individual distributors (explaining how it should be used). Then, cross your fingers and hope the field marketers at each of your locations has the means to properly customize it for their local audience. Sounds tedious, right?

An all-in-one platform enables you to do all of this (and more) within one centralized location. The time—and therefore, money—you save by streamlining your efforts makes an impact in the long run. Not to mention, having one platform that can do everything you need it to prevents a whole lot of headaches.

Save Time and Money By Going All-in-One

It’s no surprise that purchasing a bunch of single purpose platforms is a lot more expensive than investing in an all-in-one solution. It also doesn’t help that some platforms are sold as a plug and play, one-time fee product, while some require a monthly payment or are priced based on how you often you use it. Managing multiple platforms with different payment plans can be unruly, making it difficult to figure out how much you’re really paying to power your marketing.

Marketers who opt for all-in-one multi-location marketing solutions also benefit from the fact that everything is created and completed in one shared space. Corporate can collaborate on, approve, and order materials within one platform. They can then share assets with their local distributors within the same platform and track how each template is being used.

Do More With Less

The bottom line is that more technology doesn’t always mean better results. An all-in-one distributed marketing solution can power your multi-location marketing efforts and provide you with full visibility into how your locations and their individual campaigns are performing. Do you think your enterprise could benefit from reducing the size of your tech stack while maximizing your results? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Distributed Marketing. The guide provides even more insight into how an all-encompassing distributed marketing platform can connect your corporate marketing team with those on the ground, growing your brand at a local level.