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The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Distributed-Marketing-cover.jpgPersonalization in marketing is no longer a “nice to have”—it’s a critical component of marketing that increases customer engagement and satisfaction. According to InfoSys, 86% of consumers claim that personalization makes an impact on their purchasing decisions. This means corporate marketing teams must find ways to reach their customers in a relatable way without compromising brand integrity and compliance.

That’s where distributed marketing comes in. Distributed marketing helps corporate marketing teams empower their teams in the field to create highly-customized campaigns that resonate with their local customers.

In the Ultimate Guide to Distributed Marketing, you’ll learn:

  • How distributed marketing provides corporate marketing teams with more visibility into localized marketing campaigns
  • The ways that local end users are more effectively customizing, creating, and delivering marketing campaigns 
  • How distributed marketing streamlines and refines marketing processes to save time and resources
  • How a distributed marketing platform tracks marketing campaigns, providing corporate marketing teams with valuable data and analytics that can inform their strategies and processes
  • How distributed marketing helps grow brands at a local level to drive more revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction

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