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Pageflex Persona Desktop VDP

Do you want to take advantage of the power of highly-targeted print communication and leverage the use of e-mail within a design-friendly application? Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite is a standalone variable data (VDP) desktop application that allows you to easily create personalized print and HTML e-mail.

Create Limitless Documents


There is almost no limit to the assortment of database-driven, one-to-one materials you can produce. In addition to direct-mail, you can create marketing brochures, booklets, e-mail communications, forms, and more.

The same data, content, and business rules from your print projects can be re-purposed for e-mail to simplify the production and sending of personalized e-mails—a real time saver when marketing through multiple channels.


You can export documents from Adobe InDesign™ or work directly within Persona. The user-friendly interface contains familiar graphic design tools for creating your design and defining typography, images, and colors.


Setting up rules for variability can be done through simple point-and-click selections, or with scripting. We support easy-to-use, but sophisticated copy-fitting so that you can ensure that varying amounts of copy are handled within design and legibility requirements.


Thanks to our patented “flex” technology, which allows elements such as text boxes and image boxes to automatically adjust relative to the amount of content, you can support an unbelievable degree of variation within a single template.

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