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Marketing to consumers at the local level has always posed a challenge for large national or global brands with multiple locations. In a perfect world, corporate communications managers and/or marketing managers could retain control of brand decisions thereby guaranteeing message consistency regardless of whether the message was distributed from headquarters or from a field office. With the addition of mobile and social media to the traditional marketing mix, coupled with consumers’ increasing expectation of authenticity from companies, a fundamental change has taken place.

Local marketing automation (LMA) platforms promote coordination between corporate communication decision-makers and local marketers, allowing a company to control brand consistency while providing local affiliates and channel partners the tools they need to execute more effective localized campaigns across traditional and digital channels.

Having a centralized platform that includes brand marketing messages, campaigns, marketing collateral and product information, as well as localized data including addresses, product selections and business hours, helps align multi-channel efforts and track performance both on the local and corporate levels. This allows a large brand to capitalize on local marketing growth and individualized trends while retaining its message and brand identity. Marketing at the local level can be improved, saving overhead costs in the process, when tasks are streamlined. The ability to distribute brand-approved, reliable, accurate marketing information across multiple locations is invaluable for brand authenticity and trust.

There is “tangible justification” for a national or global company with multiple locations to adopt this technology, according to an article from Gleanster. According to Gleanster Research, businesses “who localize marketing communications report an 18% higher response rate over generic corporate communications.” Today’s consumers are rewriting the way they interact with brands and it is important for leading national brands to focus on these touch points—the critical moments when customers interact with the organization and its offerings on their way to purchasing decisions. With LMA, a corporation can develop and maintain a seamless and effective customer experience and maximize the potential for repeat business.

Why Choose LMA?

All major brands can benefit tremendously from expanded local marketing expertise. Marketing needs vary widely across local networks that may include dealers, sales and field operations offices, and retailers. Using an LMA platform will allow a company to maintain a corporate brand image while providing these local offices with the ability to tailor the message in a way that is most effective for clients or customers. Automating the creative process ensures brand message consistency while allowing the type of personalization that can drive customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

Organizations that are able to effectively manage the entire consumer experience reap immense rewards including enhanced customer satisfaction and increased revenues. When local marketers do not have to reinvent the wheel, they are more likely to focus on their sales and outreach, finding more effective ways to collaborate with corporate brand initiatives that deliver gains throughout the company. As large brands face maturing markets, heightened competition and escalating costs, utilizing a whole new way of managing its brand marketing operations ensures continuous adherence to brand standards and provides enough local ownership and coordination to facilitate team building and raise morale.

Any large company operating within a distributed environment where both corporate and local marketers are delivering brand/marketing communications will soon see the benefits of LMA including better message coordination, brand consistency, and cost efficiency.