Meet the NEW Pageflex Storefront v9

Intuitive + Gorgeous + Engaging

Updated User Interface & Experience


The latest web technologies, from user-friendly drag-and-drop to developer-friendly CSS preprocessors. Designed with the desktop and mobile user in mind.

Modern Web Framework & Responsive Design

Not your father's storefront landing page

We're giving the storefront catalog a total makeover, with configurable widgets, custom search filters, and much-improved performance.

Simplified ordering process

Say goodbye to “Whoa, how did I get here?” or “Hey, are we done yet?” We’re streamlining the order experience, making it more intuitive and seamless.

Improved checkout

You asked us to simplify, simplify, simplify. So here we are. That, plus improvements to billing and reordering and you’ve got a winning checkout process.

Improved image editing within storefront

Measure twice, cut once” doesn’t always suit an agile, iterative design world. So we’ll support cropping and editing images as often as needed after uploading.

Storefront admin updates

We’re modernizing where front-line production personnel live, with zippier performance, new views of to-do’s, and savable, shareable custom filters.

Campaign manager scalability

Go big or go home: we’re supporting enterprise-scale campaigns, from million-record contact lists to Web Farms for serving everyone clicking your calls to action.

Campaign manager reporting & analytics

Drill down into campaign response data with advancements in reporting and click-through link tracking. Plus, you’ll be able to access your reports all in one place!

Campaign manager rule-based triggers

We’re adding support for true drip campaigns, with independent scheduling and conditional triggers for each touch point.

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