Software for automated marketing,
document customization
and web-to-print

Pageflex gives us the best technical foundation to build comprehensive solutions.

Pageflex Products

With Pageflex products, you can offer powerful automated cross-channel marketing services, create customized web portals for online customization and ordering within the most demanding brand and workflow requirements, and produce data-driven personalized print and digital documents.

What We Do

Our marketing and print automation solutions are known for combining extensive out-of-the box capabilities with a virtually unprecedented degree of customization, allowing our customers to meet the diverse needs of a variety of markets and applications.

What our customers say

Pageflex customers, and the customers they support, come from many industries, but throughout the globe, they are clear about one thing – Pageflex solutions give them the tools and capabilities they need to run their business and deliver powerful solutions to their customers.

Using Pageflex Storefront we managed to develop a breakthrough communication platform … to take full control of local marketing, both print and digital.

One of the primary benefits is that subsidiaries can leverage the brand look and feel across all of their markets in a cost-effective way.

We were able to utilize all of the Pageflex technology and core competencies within our company to execute the campaign. It was a team effort that served to highlight our Pageflex capabilities and expertise within one project.

Pageflex is THE most powerful variable data product in the industry

Pageflex enables us to offer best-in-class marketing solutions to our clients.

Want to see Pageflex in action?

One of our helpful staff will give you a personalized demonstration of how Pageflex solutions can be YOUR solutions.