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By Pageflex Marketing • December 18, 2014

Channel Fusion – Most Innovative Use of Pageflex Server to Build Ads

As an integrated channel marketing services company, Channel-Fusion focuses on providing comprehensive marketing programs for large, geographically distributed companies and their partners/distributors. When they purchased Pageflex Server three years ago, they recognized the potential that Server offers for creating web-based portals that can support a wide range of customizable products.

Channel-Fusion used Pageflex Server as the basis of an integrated full-service Asset Management platform and Ad Builder application. The resulting solution allows their customers, and their customers’ customers, to easily create and order all sorts of marketing materials. The service goes beyond print, incorporating other media such as web banners, TV, radio and video clips, billboards, and virtually any sort of advertisement.

In taking full advantage of the built-in capabilities and tools that Pageflex Studio provides, Channel-Fusion was able to support an enormous degree of variation from a single template, including page resizing, layout/theme selection, color scheme and font changes, dynamic pages, and more. The customized interface gives users an easy-to-use, wizard-style online experience, with built-in intelligence to automate the process of selecting and creating ads and other marketing material.

For example, selecting a division or department determines the color scheme, logos and other content that are displayed, all driven by a single template. The interface has been designed so that the selections for the user are based on the text and image fields available with the template. When a user selects a different template, the interface automatically changes to reflect the different fields. With products that have multiple pages, such as postcards and inserts, each page is manipulated by the user in its own wizard step. Ad Builder automatically detects how many pages are in the Pageflex template, and dynamically creates the appropriate number of wizard steps.

“By taking the time to understand and leverage Pageflex tools, such as document actions, we were able to give our customers a portal that is simple for them, despite the complex technology under the hood. Since it’s so easy to use, it’s been widely adopted by the users,” says Don Schminkey – Channel Fusion Technical Project Manager. “The interface we built relies on a database to dynamically generate appropriate fields for customization, meaning that no additional development work is required for the UI when a new design is loaded into the system.”

Channel Fusion was recognized for their skill and expertise in using Pageflex to create a unique and highly successful user experience. We congratulate them on this well deserved award!