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By Pageflex Marketing • December 8, 2014

Congratulations to our Innovation Award Winners!

Although anyone who attended the user conference already knows what customers received Pageflex innovation awards, we have officially announced them today with this press release. The innovation awards are one of my favorite things about the Pageflex User Conference, since it is remarkable to see what our customers do with the tools we give them. The number of entries we received this year was record breaking, and the quality was extremely high, so it was not easy to choose the best. However, these customers deserve our congratulations for their outstanding implementations of Pageflex technology:

Bitsinmotion – Most Innovative Storefront Interface

In order to meet the needs of an international real estate firm, bitsinmotion used built-in capabilities to replace the standard Storefront interface with a productized framework that supports a graphically rich, easily navigable user experience supporting highly complex variability and functionality, making it easy for non-experienced programmers to build complex interfaces.

Channel Fusion – Most Innovative Use of Pageflex Server for Building Ads

Channel Fusion leveraged Pageflex Server in conjunction with an asset management and AdBuilder platform to create an online portal for large, geographically distributed clients to easily create and order ads, digital media, and other related marketing material within approved branding and design standards.

Integrated Merchandising Systems (IMS) – Most Effective Storefront Integration to Meet Customer Needs

To meet the needs of Fortune 500 customers for an online “one-stop shopping” experience, IMS created a single point-of-sale system integrating Pageflex Storefront with inventory and print-on-demand ordering, taking advantage of multiple Pageflex APIs and extensions.

intomedia – Best Use of Pageflex Server for Online Customization

intomedia created a re-usable configurator on top of Pageflex Server, resulting in a highly intuitive user experience with support for extensive customization, from initial layout and color palettes to fonts and formatting, for books, ads, and any other printable items.

The Standard Group – Ongoing Excellence for Customer-Centric Implementations of Pageflex Storefront

A repeat award-winner, The Standard Group, was honored for consistently meeting unique customer needs by taking advantage of the multiple tools and technologies that Pageflex solutions offer.

Prime Group – Honorable Mention for Most Effective Brand Management with Pageflex Storefront

Another repeat winner, Prime Group was recognized for their success in managing multiple brands for the employees of a large enterprise with a streamlined and easy-to-use online experience within Pageflex Storefront.

URD Solutions – Honorable Mention for the Best Use of Pageflex Storefront with a Salesforce  Integration

URD Solutions integrated Pageflex Storefront with Salesforce warehouse management to deliver a combined solution dynamically synchronizing stock items on offer within a branded web portal.

We'll be highlighting each award winner over the next few weeks, so check this blog for more detail!