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By Pageflex Marketing • February 19, 2013

Cross-Media Marketing - How to be Successful

Last October, we were invited to speak in the Marketing Pavilion at Graph Expo on the topic of “The Value of Cross Media Solutions – How to be Successful.” The presentation was recorded and recently made available on the GraphExpo channel on YouTube.

Here at Pageflex, we’re very aware of the interest in cross-media marketing on the part of virtually all of our customers - print service providers, marketing service providers, and enterprises. And while many users know that they want to get into cross-media marketing, the process of planning, implementing, and tracking a successful campaign can be very daunting.

With that in mind, we developed this presentation that guides the audience through all the aspects of successful cross-media solutions.

The presentation starts with a big picture view of the cross-media market, then looks at some of the lessons we and our customers have learned in developing successful cross media-campaigns. The presentation wraps up with a great case study of how our customer The Standard Group was able to effectively use Pageflex products and cross-media marketing for a self-promotion campaign.

The creativity and skills of our customers - and their willingness to share their stories - is what gives us the tools to be able to share this sort of valuable information to others. So thanks to the Standard Group and other Pageflex customers!

You can watch the video here -
There is an accompanying powerpoint, so if anyone would like it, please email us at and we’ll send it along to you.