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By Pageflex Marketing • December 5, 2014

Customer Experience and Ease of Use

One of the themes that came up repeatedly at our user conference – both implicitly and explicitly - was the online customer experience and the importance of ease of use.

At Pageflex, we do our best to provide products and tools that allow our customers to meet the requirements of a broad variety of customers and markets. But ultimately, our customers face the many challenges of defining and implementing these solutions for their customers in a way that keeps their customers happy, saves them time, and ensures that their customers will actually use the online service created for them.

“Ease of use” of course means many things, depending on the application and the users. Businesses have different needs than consumers, and business needs vary widely, depending on industry, location(s), audience and other factors.

Several of our presenters addressed the importance of good planning, project management, and customer communication when defining and implementing a customer-facing web portal. We heard about successes and disappointments, and the importance of learning from mistakes.

When reviewing the Innovation Award submissions, it was clear that a positive customer experience was a goal, and in some cases the key driver, in all of the entries. As we talked with our winners at the conference, it was interesting to hear how they listened to their customers, incorporated their own expertise, planned, implemented, leveraged Pageflex tools, tested, adjusted, measured the results, and extended successful results to other customers and their own business.

Once again, our takeway was that our customers really know what they are doing, and show unbelievable generosity in sharing this expertise with the entire Pageflex community. Over the next month or so, this blog will focus on specific award winners, so stay tuned for some great stories.