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National Focus vs. Customization

The best way to differentiate between marketing automation and local marketing automation (LMA) technology solutions is to focus on the desired end result. Marketing automation software would be used by a company to further national brand recognition, driving consumers to the corporate website and/or further brand messaging. Local market automation software is used to enable a corporation's distributed channel of resellers, agents, brokers, franchises, affiliates to localize the corporate brand at a local level through images, regional offers, content moulded to the interests of their area, all while maintaining corporate brand and campaign authority. Both approaches offer meaningful engagement, with local marketing automation focusing on the customization of branded marketing materials such as adding contact information of a local branch.

“Relevance is the new currency of marketing. Customers and prospects are demanding it, and marketers are seeking new ways to deliver it.” - David Dodd

Most large companies are now in need of a platform for localizing marketing materials, digital campaigns, and printed collateral and direct mail programs. LMA puts a level of empowerment at the local affiliate level by providing users to easily find, customize and execute sales and marketing resources and campaigns that have been vetted by the corporate communications and marketing team.

Focus of LMA

LMA provides solutions that regular marketing automation misses including improved brand compliance, localized message approvals, and consistency. Lack of alignment with corporate marketing and branding strategies can lead to many challenges including delays in approval, customer dissatisfaction, and higher production costs resulting from redundant time and effort spent on developing and ultimately recreating resources. The automation of localizing marketing collateral and multichannel marketing campaigns can keep costs down while retaining a global appeal at the local level.

To effectively meet the needs of the consumer, a brand must be able to consistently engage at the local level, which includes lifestyle, values, language, culture and other local concerns. When localizing a global or national brand, authorized users in the field can act as a conduit to consumers. They are in constant communication with customers, know their service area, and can effectively model the authenticity of a large brand.

Brand Reputation Through LMA

Managing the reputation of a global brand ensures a company’s message is consistent, yet tailored, to the local market and culture. LMA platforms streamline many corporate approval workflows while streamlining local marketing efforts for affiliates and channel partners. Corporate marketing simply does not possess the customer knowledge or resources to scale brand messaging to local audiences. Trying to apply a one-size-fits-all messaging model will not speak effectively to local consumer needs and cultural realities.

Global companies constantly grapple with the ability to maintain a local brand presence by leveraging independent dealer’s physical locations and associating them into the brand. LMA simplifies this process by allowing an independent dealer access to developed material that can be personalized to fit the customer. Local marketers generally have a better understanding of local target audiences than corporate marketers and are able to establish the brand’s presence in their target markets wherever they may be.

It is worth noting at this point that target customers are besieged with messages of all types, including email, printed material, push messaging and outdoor billboards. To be effective, marketing campaigns have to stand out, be highly targeted, and applicable. Increased participation and engagement of field personnel in marketing activities will result in highly targeted, relevant communication campaigns that allow major brands to retain their top-of-mind presence.