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By Pageflex Marketing • October 24, 2018

Goodbye iWay, Hello Pageflex Storefront 9.1!

Pageflex announced this week that it is sunsetting their Pageflex iWay solution early next year, after more than 17 years of delivering value to its customers. Additionally, Pageflex announced the release of SF9.1, a significant update to their Pageflex Storefront platform.

Pageflex iWay, an end-to-end web-to-print workflow and print management platform originally developed by Press-Sense in 2001, joined the Pageflex suite of products in 2010.

“After thorough and careful deliberation, the Pageflex executive team concluded that discontinuing iWay updates and support and focusing our efforts on Pageflex Storefront represents the best solution for delivering continued value to our clients”, said Dominic Le Claire, VP of Marketing & Sales, “The release of SF9.1 will show the continued dedication to providing our clients the very best solutions.”

The latest version of Pageflex Storefront sees continued improvement on an already mature and sophisticated marketing automation and web-to-print platform. It introduces a powerful new widget-based approach to customizing web pages, along with new form-building options to delight end users navigating complex product customization steps. The ability to split order cost among various payment methods, previously an add-on feature, is now bundled in the base Storefront offering. Further, new options for search and filtering, Google-provided service integrations, and conditional checkout-free product download, introduce valuable welcome improvements for users, and maintains the ease of use Pageflex clients have long appreciated. Additionally, this latest release includes a number of new API methods to further enhance the dynamic front-end manipulation capabilities that make Pageflex a clear favorite among web developers.

“We believe we can deliver more substantial value to our clients by focusing firmly on developing and supporting our Storefront and Campaign Manager platforms, and the VDP engine that underpins them both,” added a Dominic Le Claire, VP of Sales and Marketing. “The Pageflex team is dedicated to continue to provide the value and support that our customers have become accustomed to”.

Pageflex will continue to help with iWay support requests right up until early 2019. Pageflex will be hosting Webinars and personal demonstrations of our Storefront platform, while also offering current iWay clients a path forward with Pageflex Storefront.

About Pageflex Storefront
Pageflex Storefront is a modular and highly extensible platform that lets you choose feature sets and licensing options to suit your business and satisfy your clients. At its core is an industrial-strength composition engine with the most powerful document customization capabilities of any web-to-print system on the market. Storefront is built for international commerce, so whether your users speak your language and use your currency or come to you from across the globe you can adapt the application to meet their needs. For more information please contact