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By Pageflex Marketing • January 26, 2015

Innovation Award for Ongoing Excellence – The Standard Group

The Standard Group has been a Pageflex Storefront customer for almost 10 years. Since Storefront is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this means that Veitch Printing, the forerunner of the Standard Group, was one of the earliest adopters of Pageflex Storefront. Some of us here at Pageflex who remember the initial release of Pageflex Storefront recall how The Standard Group immediately understood the intent and potential of this “new” product – to easily implement branded websites for document customization and ordering. With their ability to leverage product capabilities, and their insight into how Pageflex Storefront could benefit their customers and themselves, The Standard Group quickly became a key customer, and beyond that, a true partner to Pageflex.

As a print and marketing logistics company, The Standard Group today provides a remarkably wide range of print management and marketing services to a diverse group of customers. As Storefront has evolved over time, The Standard Group has continued to take advantage of new features and to make the most of the numerous tools that Pageflex offers. What clearly stands out in their use of Pageflex is the focus on meeting customer needs to streamline communication and to support marketing and sales initiatives. They do not take a “one-size-fits all” approach to building Storefront deployments for their customers, but consider what will work best for each customer, leveraging their many years of experience with Pageflex technology to use the most appropriate and effective selection of components.

Whether it’s a web portal for corporate brand management, a multi-language site for a geographically distributed organization, an easy-to-use website leveraging an underlying database to automate the ordering process, or their own multi-channel self promotional campaign, The Standard Group consistently applies the highest standards of technical skill, creativity, and attentiveness to their customers.

At Pageflex, we consider our customers to be the real experts in using Pageflex software. The Standard Group generously shares their experience and knowledge with the wider Pageflex community, and will be participating in the webinar we’re holding this Tuesday on Workflow Automation.

We are very pleased to recognize the many accomplishments of The Standard Group with an Innovation Award for Ongoing Excellence.