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By Pageflex Marketing • January 15, 2015

intomedia - Online Configurator for Document Customization

intomedia, based in Munich, Germany, positions themselves as a provider of web enabled technology. As a licensee of both Pageflex Storefront and Pageflex Server, they provide highly targeted and one-of-a-kind solutions for a range of customers and markets, focusing on the entire value chain – design, e-commerce, fulfillment and production.

Their intoprint configurator, built on Pageflex Server, is a key component of intomedia’s integrated toolset. Geared for users who don’t have advanced technical or design skills, it was developed to achieve multiple goals, including:

  • The ability to support extensive design variations and multiple languages from as few templates as possible
  • An easy-to-use and intuitive interface for many types of products, including business cards, advertisements, brochures and multi-page documents
  • To meet the specific needs of different industries, while having the capability of being re-purposed for multiple customers and markets
  • Be easily integrated into multiple e-commerce and production systems

The resulting configurator, built using Angular JS and .NET tools, achieves all of these goals and more. It has been rolled out and is successfully used by a number of customers, including a printer supporting over 7 languages, a real estate firm, and a children’s book publisher.

Although the interface and branding varies based on the customer, certain elements of the configuration are implemented consistently. Users are guided through a wizard to choose their desired layout, colors, and fonts. Tab based editing provides a clean and simple UI, and makes it easy for users to work on different pages or elements of their document. Tools for placing and positioning content, and for enlarging previews provide an efficient and elegant online user experience. Modifying or entering content is simple, and with the advanced variability of Pageflex templates, the overall look and feel of the document is consistently maintained.

“With Pageflex Server, we are able to give our users a great online experience,” says Sebastian Jopen, Managing Director of intomedia. “They can customize with an assortment of tools and see the results, but they know that the underlying design is maintained – even with different fonts, languages and amounts of copy. The flexibility of the system makes it very powerful for us and for our customers.”

Congratulations to intomedia on their unique and effective use of Pageflex Server!