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By Pageflex Marketing • March 16, 2015

New Training Options

We are looking into some new and different training options to supplement (not replace) our standard training classes. Training clearly has enormous value! At the most basic level it helps our customers use our products effectively, and is considered to be essential for new customers.

But we know that a lot happens after that initial training. It’s a pretty intensive class, so you forget at least some of what you learned. Or when faced with a real-life customer situation it can be tough to apply what you’ve been taught. Maybe a new customer or change in business direction requires that you do something new or unfamiliar. Or a new employee needs more instruction than they’ll get in the all-too-typical learning as you go process.

Pageflex is considering offering affordable web-based training on specific topics. Our thinking right now is that this will be a two hour session, since that seems to be long enough for effective instruction, but short enough that it won’t be overly burdensome in terms of taking time from work. Because these sessions will be designed to be brief, it will be assumed that attendees have a solid working knowledge of Pageflex Storefront Administration and Studio. Some of the topics we are considering are working with data driven output, understanding the power of document actions, and tips for customizing the look of Storefront. Let us know if any of these subjects appeal to you, and feel free to give us your ideas.

We are also interested in putting together a “training tour”. What this means is that we will go to a location that’s central enough for multiple customers to join us for a standard Pageflex Storefront or Studio class. Although we may look into hotels, if a customer has the appropriate facility, we could even consider offering a swap – something like a free training seat in exchange for the space?

This is all in the planning stages, so we’d love to hear from you! Do you like these ideas? Would you be interested in supplementary web-based training sessions, and, if so, what are some topics that you think would be valuable? Is there a location that you would find more convenient than Marlborough, MA for an onsite class?

Let us know what your thoughts are, and we’ll share details as our training plan is developed.