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At Pageflex, we are always working to improve our products, so we're excited to announce the release of Pageflex v8.6! We've got some exciting new capabilities to share with you including; considerable performance improvements, a "round-robin" task assignment and a new way to access your campaigns within Pageflex Storefront.

Performance Improvements

End-users of Pageflex v8.6 will witness substantial improvements when viewing the deployment catalog, loading in-page items, updating documents and previews, using "quick order" for static jobs, and viewing shopping cart items.



"Round-Robin" Task Assignment

As a part of the performance improvements, we changed the way that Pageflex Server assigns tasks. In addition to the default “Use least busy host” option, there is a new “Use each host in turn” round-robin method.


Round-robin task assignment Pageflex Server Cluster Database


Pageflex Storefront Campaigns

We simplified the user experience (UX) by creating a new "Campaigns" tab in the top navigation bar, giving you a direct view of recently ordered campaigns and direct links to campaign details.