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By Pageflex Marketing • November 21, 2014

A Successful User Conference!

We have just concluded the 2014 Pageflex User Conference, and from our viewpoint at Pageflex it was very successful. More than 100 customers, partners and employees gathered in Salem, MA  to learn more about a range of business and technical topics, to participate in optional training classes, to have informal discussions, and always important - to have fun! We are grateful to all of our customers and participated who presented, joined panel discussions, and generously shared their expertise and experience. There's still lots of follow-up we'll be doing, but for now enjoy some images from the conference.


DSC01173 DSC01186 DSC01227 DSC01239 DSC01246 DSC01264 DSC01278 DSC01322 DSC01324 DSC01328