Thousands of enterprises, agencies and marketing services providers have used Pageflex marketing technology to transform brand assets, supercharge marketing productivity and activate sales engagement.

Marketing at Scale


Employing processes, systems and automation from a corporate office is much easier than it used to be. Take inbound marketing tools for example, they power the corporate content, campaigns and marketing automation for many companies. Yet, when you are supporting a distributed sales force, channel partners or field marketing organizations, these tools are often inadequate for the various types of users and their individual needs.

Pageflex offers your distributed teams the ability to access, personalize and order or download content, execute campaigns and even manage their social media presence. Learn more about Pando Marketing and how it enables consistency and collaboration across your organization.

Whether you are looking to gain control over your brand or desire flexibility for your distributed sales teams and channel partners, the Pageflex suite allows you to maintain brand control while empowering your field users.

Channel Marketing

Your brand is not the top priority for many of your channel partners and often the message that you work so hard to create is lost in translation when your partners are positioning your products to prospects.


With the Pageflex suite of products, you immediately gain control over your message while also providing a greater level of marketing support to your channel partners. They can access, co-brand and order material directly from your site, including print, email and social media content. Learn more about enabling your channel partners with Pando Marketing.


Sales Enablement


Your sales force is constantly in need of “new material.” They want to ensure the message they are delivering is as personal and relevant as it can be for their prospects but your resources are limited and your priorities are exponential.  Pando Marketing tackles this exact challenge by allowing you to create collateral and provide access for your sales force to customize and personalize the content.

Additionally, your sales reps can build their brand using the evergreen content you create and deliver across multiple channels, including email and social, on their own schedule. Learn more about Pando Marketing and how it truly helps you do more with less.

Content Personalization

Content personalization isn’t a new concept but the demand from consumers to use the data you have about them and customize your communications to them is a growing expectation.  With our varied suite of products from online storefronts to server side variable document composition, we offer the most stable and advanced product on the market.


From campaign automation to stand alone print, email and social content, put the powerful Pageflex suite to work for your personalization needs. Learn more about our outstanding product lineup or speak with a consultant today to determine what solution would best fit your needs.


Multi-channel Execution


Enabling partners and sales reps with access to customize and co-brand content should be straight-forward. Yet many marketers struggle to provide the resources required to execute.  With Pageflex, you can provide access to content that can be customized and co-branded.  You can also allow your users to execute campaigns across multiple channels, including: print, email and web!

Maintain Brand Control

Enabling partners and sales reps with access to customize and co-brand content sounds like a great idea in theory but in practice could lead to some pretty scary outcomes without the right controls in place. With Pageflex, not only can you wow your field sales teams, you can also maintain control while providing flexible, multi-channel marketing support.


Marketing Asset Management


Managing files on your desktop can get unruly. When it comes to managing all the versions of your marketing assets, file sizes and types, organization becomes increasingly difficult. With Pageflex, not only can you organize your assets you can also: track versions, make global template changes, and easily distribute assets out to your field teams in a searchable library!

Manage Co-op Spend

Providing channel partners with marketing assets could lead to big dollars for your company but could lead to big costs for your marketing budget.  That’s why organizations often work with their partners to limit the amount of marketing resource they are able to access – or work to provide a co-op budgeting system. However, managing co-op budgets or invoicing for services can sometimes be as resource intensive as doing the work itself.


Analyze Content Effectiveness


Tracking and measuring marketing activities is no longer a nice to have. Marketing teams are becoming more data-driven and less gut-driven but this doesn’t always extend to the sales teams and channel partners. With Pageflex, you can gather insights from the content your sales teams and channel partners prefer AND measure which content is most effective.

Campaigns for Partners and Sales

Setting up campaigns for your sales team to execute can be a waste of time when you lack the ability to capture their feedback and iterate. For that, you need to be able to review campaign effectiveness by measuring this like: What marketing assets do the sales teams use most often? Which content pieces have the highest open rates / click-through rates? What content performs better after personalization compared to before?

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