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Thousands of enterprises, agencies and marketing services providers have used Pageflex marketing technology to transform brand assets, supercharge marketing productivity and activate sales engagement.

Transform brand assets into personalized communications with Studio


Use the powerful Studio interface to design templates, or to add personalization to Adobe InDesign or PDF resources. Variables, business rules, data sources and content defined within Studio are reusable in any template for productivity, consistency and cross-channel compatibility.

Download Pageflex Studio Data Sheet

Activate print and digital content with Pageflex Server

The powerful personalization engine of Pageflex Server can be used on its own or embedded within a corporate marketing portal to create dynamic, data-driven print or email. The flexibility allows seamless integration with your current marketing ecosystem including content management, CRM, digital asset management or your existing Pageflex technology.

Download Pageflex Server Data Sheet

Provide access to curated marketing content with Pageflex Storefront


Centralize brand control and distribute marketing productivity with marketing portals built on Pageflex Storefront. More than “web-to-print”, Pageflex Storefront is robust “web-to-marketing” that supports truly multi-channel marketing for multi-brand teams through robust personalization workflow, compliance monitoring and even tracking of co-op budgets for local marketers and field sales.

Download Pageflex Storefront Data Sheet

Create personalized campaigns with Campaign Manager

Email campaigns, social campaigns, print campaigns, cross-channel campaigns and drip campaigns are all in the mix with Pageflex Campaign Manager. And once they are built, you can track, measure and refine your approach. Build and distribute campaigns directly from Campaign Manager, or offer campaigns as a customizable product through Pageflex Storefront. 

Download Pageflex Campaign Manager Data Sheet

Personalize the distributed marketing experience with Pando


Pando Enterprise turbo-charges Pageflex technology with enterprise level capabilities to dramatically reduce time to market and increase marketing productivity. Pando Enterprise is a flexible and powerful personalized marketing platform that delivers distributed marketing performance with centralized control of brand standards and marketing production spending. 

Available as a hosted solution, Pando Enterprise delivers purpose-built solutions that can be integrated with your existing marketing and sales ecosystem using robust APIs, vertical market templates and data management standards.

Download Pando Platform Data Sheet

Turning technology into solutions

Pageflex Studio, Server, Storefront and Campaign Manager are powerful tools when used on their own, and provide the building blocks for a wide array of marketing solutions when used together.

Pageflex products are available worldwide as hosted or licensed solutions and supported with world class customer care.

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