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By Pageflex Marketing • March 14, 2018

Pageflex Enjoys Positive Feedback and Growth in Q1 2018

 Pageflex Enjoys Positive Feedback and Growth in Q1 2018
MarTech Company Migrates More Print Service Providers to New Storefront 9 Update and Expands Reach Among Multi-Location Enterprises

Marlborough, Massachusetts: Pageflex—a leading MarTech provider—today announced its Q1 successes migrating print service provider customers to its latest web-to-print technology, Storefront 9, as well as the company’s continued growth in the enterprise sector with its Distributed Marketing Platform.

Four months after launching Storefront 9—the latest update to the company’s web-to-print software for print service providers—Pageflex is receiving notably positive feedback from customers who have migrated to the newest technology. Pageflex is continuously working to support existing customers through the migration process, helping them achieve better results with a more robust web-to-print solution.

“Storefront 9 has been a real game-changer for our company,” says one customer. Other feedback from customers using Pageflex 9 focuses on its upgraded analytics and reporting, scalable campaign management capabilities, improved (and simplified) ordering and checkout process, and enhanced interface that’s easy-to-use and intuitive.

Beyond web-to-print software, the first quarter of 2018 has seen Pageflex’s Distributed Marketing Platform continue to gain traction with enterprise-level organizations—particularly in the financial services industry. “Multi-location financial services enterprises face the challenge of maintaining a cohesive brand experience across all of their locations and brokers. On top of that, they’re operating in a highly-regulated industry where marketing messages need to be diligently reviewed and approved,” says Dominic Le Claire, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pageflex. “Our Distributed Marketing Platform is one of the most powerful in the business. 2018 has seen Pageflex work with enterprise organizations beyond financial services, proving that our Distributed Marketing Platform drives value and benefits across multiple industry segments. We enable corporate marketers and local teams to conduct more compliant, professional marketing with a campaign development and execution tool that’s easy to use and integrates fully with the systems and processes customers already use.”

As the next quarter of 2018 approaches, Pageflex is focused on migrating more print service provider customers to Storefront 9. Pageflex will continue to focus on expanding their Distributed Marketing Platform offering, helping organizations with 50+ distributed end users activate their brands at a local level and deliver more cohesive, compliant marketing campaigns.

About Storefront 9

Designed with both desktop and mobile users in mind, Storefront 9 is a modern, simple-to-use, and developer-friendly web-to-print solution for print service providers. With more robust analytics, ordering and checkout, image editing, and campaign management features—as well as a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface—Storefront 9 is helping print service providers optimize their resources and offer more value to their customers. Learn more about Storefront 9 and its capabilities.

About Pageflex

Pageflex is a MarTech company that offers a comprehensive Distributed Marketing Platform which helps enterprises grow their brands at a local level—enabling distributed end users to deliver more compliant, professional, and personalized marketing campaigns. The company also offers a breadth of web-to-print solutions to marketing and print service providers.

Pageflex’s award-winning product line sets the standard for excellence and innovation with regard to brand management, brand compliance, and localized marketing. To learn more about Pageflex and its MarTech products, visit or contact Pageflex today.