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By Pageflex Marketing • November 3, 2017

Pageflex Releases Eagerly Anticipated Storefront 9; Bringing an Intuitive, Gorgeous and Engaging Update

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Designed from the ground up with both desktop and mobile users in mind, Storefront 9 brings all the improvements to the Storefront experience that customers have been waiting for, along with a total makeover and much-improved performance. Improvements on the end-user ordering experience make Storefront 9 a more intuitive and seamless platform for both experienced and novice users.

“This eagerly anticipated update to the Storefront family brings a wealth of new features, that will allow our clients to create even more value for themselves and their customers.” said, Dominic Le Claire, Pageflex’s new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Storefront 9 typifies Pageflex's approach to the market place; a focus on driving value, easy end-user experience and simple yet robust marketing tools.”

Storefront, and its Enterprise Pando version, support hundreds of companies and thousands of end-users; from large financial institutions to mid-Enterprise sales-first organizations to marketing and print service providers. Storefront 9 utilizes the latest web technologies, from user-friendly drag-and-drop to developer-friendly CSS preprocessors. Modern web framework and responsive design are essential parts of the new release, as are improved image editing and simplified checkout. Vastly updated storefront pages, give the storefront catalog a total makeover, with configurable widgets, custom search filters, and much-improved performance. Campaign manager Reporting and Analytics have also been bolstered, providing better insights for better decision making.

“We’re excited about how Storefront 9 positions us for growth in 2018 and beyond,” stated James Dore, Pageflex CEO and CFO, “This release allows us to greatly improve our offering to current clients, strengthens our Global Reseller Partnerships, and puts us at the forefront of Enterprise Marketing Technology solutions.”

Intuitive + Gorgeous + Engaging #Storefront9

To find out more please visit: Pageflex Storefront 9