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By Pageflex Marketing • February 19, 2018

What IT Needs to Know About Distributed Marketing Platforms


Enterprise marketers who oversee 50+ distributed end users—including field marketers, salespeople, channel partners, and more—need a distributed marketing solution to help them uphold their hard-earned brand while enabling teams to customize and personalize their campaigns for local markets.

Most leading enterprises have a sizable marketing technology stack—in fact, over half are using 21 or more digital marketing solutions (MarTech Today). Between an abundance of technology and the pressure to optimize resources, many IT specialists are faced with the challenge of completely understanding each individual solution to vet whether or not their organization should adopt it. They need to understand how it works, who it works for, how it compares to other platforms, how it fits into the organization’s overall tech stack, and of course, how it will (or won’t) contribute to the organization’s objectives.

Distributed marketing is quickly becoming the driving force of enterprise marketing strategies and channel marketing plans, but how much do you know about how a distributed marketing platform works? At Pageflex, we often get technical questions from IT specialists and their martech counterparts about distributed marketing platforms and how they function. Today, we’re answering the most common questions we hear.

“Is a distributed marketing platform going to disrupt my current workflow?”

Establishing and maintaining a solid workflow is no easy task. Effective martech solutions should help advance and optimize your existing workflow, not disrupt it.

Distributed marketing is based on efficiency, and the most effective distributed marketing platforms are built to blend seamlessly into your existing workflow. By integrating with third-party software (like your payment system or printing solution), a distributed marketing platform should complement and enhance your workflow, streamlining tasks and processes for maximum productivity.

Furthermore, plug-and-play solutions are no longer practical for modern businesses. Seek a distributed marketing partner—not just a distributed marketing platform—to ensure your solution is tailor-fit to your business and structured for a smooth, headache-free implementation. A little planning goes a long way, and can save you a lot of time (and hassle) in the long run.

“What kind of analytics and reporting does a distributed marketing platform provide?”

With data-driven decisions at the heart of modern business practices, it’s no surprise that IT specialists are interested in ensuring martech solutions have advanced analytics capabilities. One of the major benefits of adopting a distributed marketing platform is gaining insight into local-level marketing campaigns, providing enterprise marketers more visibility into the performance of their individual locations.

An effective distributed marketing platform provides insights such as:

  • The types of content that perform best by location
  • The type of messaging that performs best by location
  • Delivery, open, and click-through rates
  • The types of collateral a location uses most frequently

...and more. With this information, it’s possible re-align with local-level marketers, re-strategize to boost success, and optimize their marketing channels by implementing the most effective campaigns for their audiences.

“What can my team expect when it comes to customer support?”

This is, by far, the most recurring question we get, and with good reason. IT specialists need to know if their distributed marketing partner will handle both technical issues and user inquiries, or if they’ll be responsible for overseeing the platform, as it directly impacts their routine and workload.

When considering a distributed marketing partner, it’s essential to ensure they’re accountable for technical and user support. As previously noted, plug-and-play systems are no longer practical—modern enterprises that are focused on efficiency, productivity, and optimizing resources need access to distributed marketing experts who work to solve their problems and identify opportunities for improvement.

Consider this: a shocking 3% of marketers feel like they’re getting maximum value out of their martech tools (BizVibe). To extract more value—and in turn, get a better return on your martech investment—you need partners who are dedicated to helping you grasp your system and milk it for all it’s worth.

Choose Distributed Marketing Experts Who Can Help Your IT Department Shine

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